Eskom is the service provider in the rural areas as well as in Monyakeng. The Bothaville and Wesselsbron Municipalities act as services providers within Bothaville and Wesselsbron respectively.

Electricity Supply

The service level of electricity supply are in accordance with the “Guidelines for the provision of engineering services in residential areas” (the so-called “Red Book”), published by the Department of Housing.  According to the “Red Book” the levels of services for the provision of electricity are defined by the need of the costumer and what is affordable.

NRS 034 can be used as a basis for definition levels of services.

Level of service


Rural standards Metered farm connections
Intermediate Street lighting (High must security lighting) and prepaid restricted metered yard connections
Full Street lighting, Unrestricted/ prepaid metered yard connection

*Standard of Services : Use NRS 034 *Quality of Services: Use NRS 047
*Quality of Supply: Use NRS 048