About Us


The name is Sesotho for “affluence or plenty”. It is derived from the maize belt and economic prosperity of the area.


To be the agricultural production centre of South Africa, a self sustainable, diverse, viable and an effective municipality


A well-governed, performance-driven municipality striving to improve the social and economical well-being of its citizen through sustainable and effective service delivery and public participation


  • Nurturing
  • Achievement – driven and customer focussed
  • Learning Organisation and Loyalty
  • Accountability


The Nala Local Municipality was formed after the amalgamation of the former Bothaville and Wesselsbron transitional local councils and a section of the Vetvaal transitional rural council.


  • To build and enhance our governance system that is founded on democratic values in order to improve service delivery
  • To enhance our institutional capacity in order to instil a culture of high performance through proper facilitation of transformation and development
  • To strengthen our financial management system in order to sustain our viability and developmental local government functioning
  • To ensure adequate and equitable access to quality and affordable services across the municipality in order achieve a better life for all
  • To improve our local economic development in order to stimulate and facilitate economic growth and social cohesion